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21 Jun 2012

Wearing A Helmet While Riding May Reduce Risk Of Motorcycle Accident Injury

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In April of 2012, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a new bill (Senate Bill 291) that gave Michigan motorcyclists the option of wearing a helmet under legislation.  The bill repealed the state law requiring all motorcycle riders to wear helmets, allowing motorcyclists who purchase a minimal amount of personal injury protection, are at least 21 years of age, and have passed a motorcycle safety course or have had their motorcycle endorsement for at least two years to ride helmetless.

For many Michigan riders, this was a long awaited victory, as the bill was vetoed twice by former Governor Jennifer Granholm in previous years. However, for those who view this as victory must realize that riding without a helmet has a steep cost.  According to a recent report done by MLive.com, 25% of helmetless riders suffer “incapacitating” injuries, compared to 16% for those wearing helmets. These results were based on data collected from police reports in the last two months, a record of more than 700 motorcyclists and passengers involved in Michigan motorcycle accidents.

Additionally, MLive found that motorcyclists who ride without a helmet are three times more likely to be killed in a motorcycle accident compared to a motorcyclists who ride with a helmet. On a good note, motorcycle accident injuries are down overall compared to the last two years.

More accident reports are expected to come in a period of weeks, however statistics are proving that a motorcyclist riding without a helmet is more likely to suffer serious injuries or death.

The motorcycle accident Michigan attorneys of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. want to remind all motorcyclists that whether you choose to ride with or without a helmet, always be alert and make other drivers well aware of your presence on the road. The temperates are rising and now is the time to ride. We hope everyone has a safe and fun riding season and remember to contact the best possible bike accident injury lawyer if you or a family member suffer injuries in an accident. The attorney you hire to represent you can mean the difference between a fair settlement and no settlement at all.

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