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20 Aug 2014

Pontiac Motorcycle Accident Settlement for $50,000.00 Policy Limits

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Our Michigan motorcycle accident attorneys recently settled a lawsuit on behalf of a client who suffered serious injuries in a Pontiac, Michigan motorcycle accident.  The accident occurred when a negligent driver proceeded through a blinking red light directly into the path of our client on his motorcycle as he was lawfully travelling through the intersection on Woodward at Saginaw Street.  Our client suffered serious injuries in the accident

Per our investigation, it was discovered that neither the operator nor the owner of the at-fault motor vehicle had auto insurance. Fortunately for our client, he had uninsured motorist coverage on his motorcycle insurance. This type of insurance is critical for any motorcyclist in Michigan to carry as it provides coverage for “pain and suffering” damages in the event the motorcyclist is injured in an accident involving an uninsured driver. We initiated an uninsured motorist claim on behalf of our client against his own motorcycle insurer for “pain and suffering” damages sustained by our client due to the negligence of the at-fault driver.

 Our client suffered serious injuries which included an open degloving injury on his left forearm that was approximately 15 centimeters, multiple abrasions and contusions, including a left ankle hematoma,  left medial bimalleolar ankle displaced fracture, left fibular displaced fracture, left AC dislocation, and left antedrachial laceration.  And there were surgeries on his AC joint, and also underwent surgery on his ankle.  He also spent multiple days in an in-patient rehabilitation facility and multiple months of physical therapy. He has residual scars on his shoulder and forearm.  He also missed six (6) months from work.

After negotiations with our client’s motorcycle insurance carrier, the case was settled for the motorcycle insurance uninsured motorist policy limits without the need to file a lawsuit. This matter settled within ten (10) months of the date of the accident.

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