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24 Nov 2008

Picking a Lawyer | Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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Many people think that a brain injury could never happen to them or a loved one.  But, did you know that brain injuries occur in nearly 75% of accidents that involve bodily injury?  Brain injuries are an extremely common result of motorcycle accidents and other accidents, including assaults, sports injuries, slip and fall accidents, and more.

If you or a loved one is ever in a motorcycle accident, the first thing you should do is seek medical treatment immediately.  Mild brain injuries are often difficult for lay people to detect, but left undiagnosed they can cause severe long-term problems such as headaches, memory loss, and even personality changes.  Such injuries can result in job loss, family strife, and significantly increased medical expenses later in life.

Many times, the negligence of another person causes a motorcycle accident, which can lead to traumatic brain injury.  When this is the case, the injured person or his or her family may be able to file a lawsuit against that person for their brain injury in addition to any insurance claim they might be able to submit to their insurance provider.  Not all lawyers are equally qualified to handle your motorcycle accident case, and you will want to make sure your motorcycle accident lawyer knows the technicalities of the law as well as the science behind brain injuries so your lawyer can explain your injuries to the judge and jury.  Failing to select the best lawyer could cost you benefits and reduce your chances of obtaining a favorable settlement.

When picking a car accident lawyer for someone with a brain injury, you will want to ask him or her the following questions to help you determine whether the lawyer has the knowledge and experience necessary to fight for you.

  • Have you handled car accident cases before?
  • What percentage of your law practice is devoted to representing injured people?
  • Do you know about different types of brain injuries?
  • Do you know what long-term health problems face someone with a brain injury?
  • Do you regularly represent clients against insurance company lawyers?
  • What kinds of settlements and jury verdicts have you obtained in similar car accident and brain injury cases?
  • Do you have a website with more information about brain injuries and the brain injury cases your law firm has handled?
  • What relationships with doctors, nurses, and brain injury associations do you have?

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