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20 Mar 2012

Motorcylist Hit By Car In Cooper Township Michigan Motorcycle Accident

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Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Michigan are reporting a Cooper Township motorcycle accident that injured one man on Saturday, March 17th, on McKinley Street near 21st Street. According to police, the motorcyclist was  traveling west on McKinley St. when a car pulled out in front of him., causing the motorcycle to crash into the door of the car.  The motorcyclist suffers injuries due to the motorcycle-car accident and is in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle did not suffer injuries.

Approximately 75 percent of accidents is a motorcycle hit by car. Research also shows that motorcyclists are 25 times more likely to be involved in a deadly accident than people driving a car, even though motorcyclists only make up three percent of registered vehicles.  In fact when motorcycle accidents happen with a vehicle, the driver often violates the motorcyclists’ right of way and causes the crash in 2/3 of the cases.

I am so sorry to hear about this accident. I hope the injured victim has a fast recovery without any permanent damages.

Our motorcycle accident lawyer in Michigan advises motorcycle accident victims of their legal rights. For this type of motorcycle-car accident, the injured victim can submit a claim for Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits related to injuries suffered in the accident. The injured biker can claim these benefits even if they did not have a Michigan motorcycle insurance policy.

In addition, the injured motorcyclist may also have claims for personal injuries against the driver  if determined to be at fault in the Michigan motorcycle accident. The insurance company for the negligent driver typically pays a settlement for this type of case. In this lawsuit, the injured motorcyclist can claim damages and compensation for the injuries suffered in the accident. At the very least, all parties involved in the accident should hire the best possible motorcycle accident lawyer in Michigan to look into these possibilities.

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