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02 Feb 2009

Motorcycle Accidents Rising | Michigan Motorcycle Accidents

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The number of Michigan motorcycle accidents has been rising for nearly a decade.  This includes the number of catastrophic motorcycle accidents, in which there is a personal injury or significant property damage, as well as fatal motorcycle accidents, which now account for a growing portion — now approximately 10% — of all fatal vehicular accidents.

There is some evidence that the increase in motorcycle accidents is connected to the worsening economy.  During warmer weather, statistics show that some people used their motorcycle more to commute to and from work.  Possible explanations for this include saving money on gas, shortening the commute, and the desire to enjoy riding more often.  Unfortunately, too often, drivers of cars, SUVs, and trucks ignore motorcyclists and fail to keep a proper lookout for them.  Then, when an accident happens, it is almost always the motorcyclist who is injured.

Some common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Other drivers failing to check their blind spots while switching lanes
  • Other drivers rear-ending motorcycles
  • Other drivers cutting off a motorcycle

A person who is injured in a motorcycle accident has several possible legal claims that arise out of the accident.  A biker may be able to submit a claim for No Fault insurance if the accident involved a car or truck.  Or the biker may be able to submit a claim for the insurance they have on the motorcycle, including PL/PD insurance or Med Pay insurance.  Finally, a biker may be able to sue the other driver if that driver caused the accident.

Because the motorcyclist’s legal rights will depend on the exact nature of his or her injuries and on the circumstances of the accident, the motorcyclist or a family member should contact an experienced Michigan motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.  This will help the accident victim determine what he or she can do and will keep them from missing a deadline with the court or insurance company that could result in them forfeiting their rights.

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