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19 May 2009

Motorcycle Accident Settlement

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Our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers recently settled a case for client who was struck while riding his motorcycle in Sterling Heights, Michigan.  A negligent motorist took a wide right turn and hit our client at a low speed, estimated between 15 to 20 miles per hour.  The biker suffered a fracture of his wrist which required surgeries and had a sprained knee that required a scope procedure.  He is a Chrysler metal model maker and missed time from work.

The negligent motorist had an insurance policy with $100,000 in liability limits and our client had an underinsurance policy with $50,000 in limits.  This made the total insurance policy limits available of $150,000.  The case settled for $142,500 of the $150,000 policy.

The settlement does not include the Michigan No-Fault Benefits received by our client during his period of medical treatment and recovery.  We compelled his own insurance company to pay his lost wages, medical expenses, and other necessary benefits.  The $142,500 was compensation for his pain and suffering, disability, and other non-economic benefits.

Motorcycle accident cases in Michigan have different requirements and benefits than ordinary motor vehicle accident cases in our state.  The No-Fault Insurance laws present difficult and complex issues in these cases and it is necessary to choose and experienced Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer to handle such a case.  For more information on motorcycle accident cases in Michigan, you should request our FREE BOOK, “The Ultimate Michigan Motorcycle Accident Handbook,” and call our lawyers to discuss your case.

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