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25 May 2012

Motorcycle Accident Death Is Tragic at Any Time and Even More Heartbreaking When Negligence is Involved – Can Even Cause a Divorce

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My friend, attorney Michael Ehline out in California, is a nationally recognized injury attorney who handles a lot of motor vehicle claims out in LA, California, as you could imagine.  We were discussing divorce law and how sometimes a serious accident can lead to a death, or a divorce, which can often feel like it is worse than death.  Ehline says that motorcycle accident death is tragic at any time, and even more heartbreaking when negligence is involved, because it means the crash did not have to happen. This is the crash that is because a driver was careless or reckless, the motorcycle design was poor or the aftermarket manufactured part was dangerous. These are circumstances that did not have to occur and cause the motorcyclist to be killed. Naturally, an injured spouse with lost of bills can sometimes be too much stress and a break up can also result.

The motorcycle accident 2010 statistics are filled with this type of motorcycle accident death news that shows how many bikers were killed. This does not include the motorcyclist that was traveling at high speed or that was doing some maneuvers that led to the crash. Instead it is outside circumstances led to the accident resulting in death.

Out in LA, the freeways are crazy too.  and as always, when the family loses a loved one, they may feel like this is a case of motorcycle accident fraud if it was caused by the poor design or defective after market part. Negligent actions are heard in civil court, rather than criminal court, but the family has the benefit of knowing that the negligent party is held legally responsible for their careless or reckless actions. Instead of jail as in criminal court, in civil court the family is awarded compensation when the negligent party is held responsible. This compensation will include recovering hospital costs, funeral and burial costs, loss of future wages, loss of companionship and other damages.

The motorcycle accident injury lawyer Los Angeles will know the latest motorcycle accident news, may use motorcycle accident death photo presentation during litigation and will use motorcycle accident death rate as a tool to prepare their case, along with thoroughly investigating the accident. Only a lawyer motorcycle accident specialist will have the resources to investigate the accident and the litigation experience to go up against the insurance company, manufacturer or designer that will have expert attorneys protecting their interests. Motorcycle accident death news involving the poor design or defective after market part will help prove negligence of motorcycle accident injury and deaths. Proving negligence will mean that the negligent party will be found guilty and held legally responsible. This can hep prevent a break up too, since a spouse will see the light at the end of the tunnel with an experienced firm handling the case.

The experienced Los Angeles car accident injury lawyer who is also a motorcycle accident lawyer, will fight hard for the family that has lost a loved one, while keeping in mind that they will need to gently guide the family through this emotionally traumatic lawsuit. If you were seriously injured in California, want to avoid a divorce, and need help, contact Ehline Law Firm PC at 633 W 5th St #2890 Los Angeles, CA 90071-2005; 213.596.9642. Michael Ehline is at the helm, and he is an inactive U.S. Marine.  I bet he would do a great job for you, if for example, you were injured in a vacation accident.  Check him out.

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