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19 Nov 2008

Michigan No Fault Medical Expenses

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Medical Expense Benefits are one of the benefits that are available to some injured motorcyclists in Michigan through their No Fault insurance policy. No Fault insurance benefits are available when a biker has been injured in an accident involving a car, truck, SUV, or other motor vehicle.

The Medical Expense Benefit is a very far-reaching benefit that obligates the No Fault insurance company to pay for all medical expenses that are reasonable and necessary in relation to the motorcycle accident. Medical expenses include all hospital bills, doctors bills, physical therapy, prescriptions, medical appliances (such as wheelchairs or braces), and any other medical expense.

Medical expenses can be unlimited in time and amount. This is a lifetime benefit, which means the insurance company will continue to pay for medical expenses until the accident victim fully recovers. If he or she never recovers, the insurance company can only cease paying for medical expenses when the victim dies. There is also no limit as to the amount of money the insurance company is required to pay. The only requirement is that the expenses be reasonable and necessary medical treatment in relation to the accident.

Since this benefit is so extensive, accident victims must be careful that they do not do anything to lose this benefit. One way that far too many lose their coverage is by failing to submit their claims in time. The No Fault Law contains strict deadlines after which the insurance company can deny coverage. Since most medical expenses are incurred immediately after the accident, insurance companies are eager to do this because it will let them save a lot of money.

Another way that people lose out on coverage is if they have coordinated medical coverage as well as separate health insurance. The coordinated policy provides that your health insurance company will pay all medical bills first and then the No Fault insurance company has pay the amounts that the health insurer does not cover, such as deductibles, co-pays, and any expense excluded by the health insurance policy. The health insurance may also limit the insured to doctors within an HMO.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you review your policy and ensure you submit all claims on time so you can get the full amount of benefits taht you are entitled to under the law. These laws are complex and confusing and only a Michigan motorcycle lawyer with experience should be handling your case.

If you would like more information about your rights after a Michigan motorcycle accident, you can order our FREE book, “The Ultimate Michigan Motorcycle Accident Handbook” by visiting our law firm web site. We will send it along with other important information.

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