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18 Nov 2008

Michigan Motorcycle Insurance Advice | PLPD Coverage

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As a lawyer whose firm represents clients injured in Michigan motorcycle accidents, I am often asked by people I meet about the types of insurance someone who owns a motorcycle should buy.  I am also frequently asked to review insurance policies for my clients and to advise them about their insurance coverage.  I am always happy to review someone’s insurance policy and give them my recommendation.

The most important thing to know about motorcycle insurance is that it is different from the insurance for your car.  Car insurance is called No Fault Insurance, and it is governed by the Michigan No-Fault Law.  The No-Fault Law sets rules and limits on insurance for “motor vehicles” but that law’s definition of the term “motor vehicle” does not include motorcycles.  A lot of bikers do not realize this and think because they have No Fault insurance, they are fully covered if they get into an accident.  Too often, they only find out about their lack of coverage after they have been injured in an accident.

To register your motorcycle, you will need to provide proof of insurance for at least $20,000/$40,000 public liability and $10,000 property damage coverage (PLPD).  Having PLPD means your insurance company will defend you for any claims for personal injury or property damage caused by your negligence.  Your insurance company will defend you against these claims and will pay any settlements or judgments against the policy.

These amounts are the minimum amounts required by law.  Failing to have these minimums can mean significantly more than risking a ticket if you are pulled over by the police.  Failing to have PLPD means your insurance company will not defend claims made against you for your negligence and will mean you cannot collect benefits if you are the victim of someone else’s negligence.  That means you will be on your own to pay for costly medical bills and lost wages.  These expenses have forced many uninsured bikers into personal bankruptcy.

Whenever people ask me about PLPD, I always encourage them to make sure to insure their motorcycles.  I also always recommend that they purchase a policy that adequately protects their assets.  For almost everyone, this means purchasing a policy for higher than the minimum amounts required by law. 

Most people should purchase $100,000/$300,000 coverage since the cost of purchasing the additional coverage is relatively inexpensive as compared to the cost of purchasing the required $20,000/$40,000 policy. 

I also strongly urge every biker to purchase both Uninsured Motorists Coverage (UM Coverage) and Underinsured Motorists Coverage (UIM).  These are essential coverages that every motorcyclist in Michigan should have on their bike.  Even if your insurance broker does not tell you about these coverages, you should insist on having them. 

We offer a FREE Michigan Motorcycle Insurance Report that every biker should read and understand before climbing on their bike.  Call us and we will send it to you at no charge.

If you would like to speak with one of our Michigan personal injury attorneys about your case, feel free to call us anytime at (800) 606-1717 or simply submit this contact form and we will get back to you quickly.

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