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26 Nov 2008

Michigan Motorcycle Experienced Rider Safety Course

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The Experienced Rider Course is a safety course designed for an experienced motorcyclist who wants more than the basics. This course teaches deeper fundamentals of riding to riders that already have their endorsements. Many organized group riders require this course before experienced bikers can register with them.

The Experienced Rider Course is usually a half-day course given on a weekend. Bikers use their own motorcycle and helmet. The course combines classroom time with time spent riding the motorcycle. Buckfire & Buckfire does not offer this course. To see what courses are available visit the Michigan Secretary of State Motorcycle Safety Program Courses.

There are several benefits to taking an Experienced Rider Course. The course discusses balancing the mental and physical aspects of safe riding, managing risk, increasing visibility, and optimizing your lane position. The Experienced Rider Course also covers topics like protective gear, rider responsibility, motorcycle inspection and care, and the effects of alcohol and drugs on riding. The course concludes with an optional skill evaluation and knowledge test.

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