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20 Nov 2008

Michigan Motorcycle Endorsement | Driving Tests

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To obtain a Michigan Motorcycle endorsement, you must register your motorcycle and complete the rest of the requirements for a motorcycle endorsement. The Secretary of State’s office administers a number of driving tests which are required for the motorcycle endorsement.

Vision Test

You must pass a vision test. This is a typical vision test, which will require you to read letters of varying sizes off a chart.

Written Driver’s Knowledge Test

You must also pass a written driver’s knowledge test. This test is based on information that can be found in the Michigan Motorcycle Operator Manual. It will require you to know the rules of the road and general information about motorcycles. You can obtain a copy of the Michigan Motorcycle Operator Manual by clicking on the book’s title.

Skills Test

Adults may elect to pass an motorcycle rider skills test administered by a third party approved by the Secretary of State. This test will examine basic vehicle control and crash avoidance skills to evaluate a biker’s ability to handle safe and hazardous traffic situations. The test will be scored on the biker’s ability to select safe speeds to perform maneuvers, choose the correct path and stay within fixed boundaries or lanes, complete normal and quick stops, and complete normal and quick turns and swerves.

Adults may also choose to complete a motorcycle safety course, which will include an evaluation of these same things. Minors under the age of 18 must complete a motorcycle safety course.

Buckfire & Buckfire does not offer motorcycle courses. To see what courses are available visit the Michigan Secretary of State Motorcycle Safety Program Courses

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