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18 Nov 2008

Michigan Motorcycle Accident Statistics

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The increase in motorcycle accident is alarming. Nearly 4000 motorcyclists die in accidents each year, and the number of people injured in motorcycle accidents is close to 67,000. In Michigan, the number of motorcycles involved in crashes between 2006 (3386) and 2007 (3821) has increased by 12.8%.  The mortality rate during that same time rose by 9.1%, while the number of motorcyclists injured rose by 11.8%.  In the last decade, the number of Michigan motorcycle accidents shot up by 45%. The number of accidents that resulted in death in Michigan grew by an alarming 98%.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are too often blamed on motorcyclists not following traffic rules, being inexperienced or disobeying the rules of the road. The truth is that motorcycle accidents are very frequently the result of a mistake made by another motorist, which can injure, maim, or kill even the most experienced motorcyclists.

Because the motorcycle accident victim may be seriously injured after the incident, the biker’s account or version of the accident may never be heard.  The police agency investigating the accident may wrongly blame the biker for the accident.   As a result, a seriously injured biker may go uncompensated for an accident caused by someone else.

My firm understands this problem and we take quick and prompt action to prove that the biker was not at fault in the accident.  When we are hired to represent an injured biker, we immediately obtain all eyewitness statements and have our investigator canvas the area for additional witnesses.  We then take our own statements, which are often different than what the police put in their reports.  We also take extensive photographs of the accident scene and the vehicles involved in the accident.  It is important to take photographs before vehicles are repaired or sent to the salvage yard.

To further determine the actual cause of the accident, we hire the country’s best accident reconstruction experts to recreate the accident.  Measurements of roadways, skid marks, and other pertinent markers are taken.  We even have a specialist that can download the data on the “Black Box” in many newer vehicles to prove the speed of the negligent motorists both before impact and at the time of impact.

As you can see, it is important to find an experienced Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your case immediately after your accident.  The attorney that you choose for your case is often the difference between a great settlement or no settlement at all.  A delay in hiring a lawyer often means lost evidence and lost witnesses, which can prevent the truth from ever making it to the courthouse.  For more information on our firm, call us now at (800) 606-1717.

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