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02 Mar 2009

Michigan Motorcycle Accident Settlement

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Our firm recently settled a Michigan motorcycle accident case for a client who suffered orthopedic injuries in a St. Clair Shores motorcycle accident in the Fall, 2008.  The biker was injured when a car unlawfully entered into his lane of travel caused him to t-bone the vehicle.  We sued the negligent driver and the owner of the car.  The case settled for $150,000, which was the full insurance policy limits available to both the driver and owner of the car.  Our client continues to receive Michigan No Fault benefitsfor lost wages, medical expenses, household services, and other benefits.

This case is the perfect example on why it is so important to choose your Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.  Our client’s family contacted us within days of the accident and we began our investigation of the case immediately.  We were able to track down important witnesses, take photographs, and quickly establish that our client was not at fault in the accident.   The negligent driver and his insurance company tried to blame the biker for the accident, but our thorough investigation proved them wrong and was the key to settling the case.

The most amazing part of the settlement is that we were able to settle the case within six months of the accident for the full insurance policy limits.  Most attorneys don’t even start working on the case for six months and then drag out the file for several years.

For more information on Michigan motorcycle accident cases, you should request our FREE BOOK, “The Ultimate Michigan Motorcycle Accident Handbook.”  It explains in details your rights if you were injured in a motorcycle accident and advises you on what is necessary to file and preserve your claims.

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