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08 Jun 2010

Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Shares Biker Safety Video

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Our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers recently viewed a new video on motorcycle safety that is circulating the internet. The short video sends such a powerful message without a single spoken word. We realize the seriousness of not taking necessary safety precautions while riding a motorcycle and want to share this video with you.

The video “Who Looks Out For You When You Ride?” depict a fairy godmother saving a biker who is injured in a motorcycle accident portraying the message that unless you have a fairy godmother no one will be able to save or protect you from a motorcycle accident besides yourself.

Watch this video!

The message the video gets across is a very powerful and truthful meaning. If you are seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, no one will be able to save you. You can however, save yourself, if you take the necessary safety precautions before getting on the bike for a ride.

Some of these safety tips include wearing an approved helmet that effectively prevents disabling and fatal head injuries, practicing hard braking techniques regularly (front and back break together), wearing bright, solid colored riding gear to ensure others will see you on the road, and making sure your riding boots are waterproof in case you get stuck riding in the rain.

Victims of motorcycle accidents do have legal rights and should pursue them immediately after the accident. Our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers will represent you in your Michigan motorcycle accident case and start working on your case immediately, gathering all the evidence necessary to prove and win your case. Call us now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys.

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