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15 Feb 2013

Michigan Lawyer Wins Saginaw Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

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The Michigan personal injury law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. recently won an arbitration award on behalf of our motorcyclist client who suffered injuries in an accident while riding as a passenger.  The motorcycle accident took place in Saginaw, Michigan.  Our client was riding on the back of her husband’s bike when a negligent driver failed to see their motorcycle and hit them as she was merging onto the highway.

The lawsuit was filed against the negligent driver’s insurance company, AAA Insurance.  AAA agreed to submit the case to binding arbitration and had a $100,000 insurance policy limit.  The three person arbitration panel awarded our motorcyclist client $89,500.

The bike in which our client was riding on was knocked down due to the impact of the crash between the motorcycle and vehicle.  Our client was then thrown from the bike at 25 MPH which caused her severe injuries, including injuries to her ribs, wrist and shoulders.  She was rushed to a local hospital at the scene of the motorcycle accident and was also later diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury.  The rotator cuff injury did require surgery, which left a three inch surgical scar on her shoulder.

Passengers injured in Michigan motorcycle accidents do have legal rights and should consult with an experienced bike injury attorney immediately after the accident.  Often times, the public thinks that bikers are responsible for motorcycle accidents, however statistics show that most motorcycle crash injuries in Michigan occur because another

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