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28 Aug 2012

Michigan Biker Accident Attorney Files No-Fault Insurance Lawsuit

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Our motorcycle injury attorneys filed a no-fault insurance lawsuit against AAA Insurance relating to a 2003 motorcycle accident.  The biker was injured in a motorcycle versus motor vehicle accident in Denton Township, Michigan when an automobile pulled out in front of him from a driveway on M-55 in Denton Township, Michigan.  He suffered numerous injuries, including a fractured left hip, left foot, and left hand.   The insurance company paid no-fault benefits after the surgery.

If you suffer injuries after a Michigan motorcycle accident, you may be eligible for no-fault benefits. No-fault insurance benefits are benefits you are entitled to receive under Michigan law, regardless of fault, if you were injured in a motorcycle accident that arose out of the ownership, operation, maintenance or use of an automobile as an automobile, such as a car or truck.

The primary prerequisite is that the motorcycle accident must “involve” an automobile, such as a car or truck, as the No-Fault insurance benefits generally come from a Michigan automobile insurance policy. These benefits include wage loss benefits, for the first three years after the accident, assistance with household chores for the first three years after the accident, unlimited lifetime medical expense coverage, mileage to and from doctor appointments, attendant care and other benefits such as home and vehicle modifications.

Recently, the client underwent another surgery on his left hip to repair injuries from the 2003 accident.  AAA Insurance has refused to pay for this surgery or the attendant care services that  he received from his family during his period of recovery.  As a result, we filed a lawsuit on his behalf seeking payment of these benefits.  No trial date has been set by the court.

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