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09 Mar 2012

Loose Tires Flying Off Cars and Trucks Causing Serious Michigan Motorcycle Accidents

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Our Michigan motorcycle accident injury lawyers have filed several personal injury lawsuits in recent years in cases involving serious injury or death from loose tires flying off cars and trucks.  In these cases, the innocent motorist or motorcyclist was traveling on the highway and was struck by either a tire or tire fragment from another vehicle.  In these cases, the incident was completely preventable had proper maintenance and inspections been performed on the tire.

In a motorcycle accident lawsuit that was settled last year, the biker was traveling on a Michigan highway in Romulus on his way back from visiting family members in Atlanta.  While traveling at the posted speed limit, he was struck by a tire that came loose from a trailer.  He was thrown from his bike and suffered fatal injuries.

Our motorcycle accident lawyer thoroughly investigated the case on behalf of the family.  Through witness testimony and vehicle inspections, we were able to prove that the owner of the trailer performed poor repairs on the wheel axle which caused the tire to come loose and struck the decedent.  The owner of the trailer and the driver of the car claimed that it was simply a fluke and that they had properly maintained the axle, but our accident reconstruction expert proved that this was not the case.

We filed the wrongful death lawsuit and proved that the driver and the owner of the trailer were negligent.  The case settled before trial for a substantial amount.  The settlement proceeds were distributed to the surviving family members of the decedent.

Unfortunately, these types of accidents are all too common and most are completely preventable.  If motor carriers and the public in general would provide proper maintenance to their vehicles then these tragedies would not occur nearly as often.  Proper inspections of vehicles before they are driven on public highways would further reduce these serious injury accidents.

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