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04 May 2012

Effect of a Motorcycle Helmet On Your Hearing and Vision

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Have you heard some of the opponents of mandatory state motorcycle helmet laws suggest that a helmet can negatively impact your vision and hearing when riding a motorcycle? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) backed a study to find out if helmets actually increase a motorcycle rider’s risk of crashing at all.

NHTSA Study Results

Vision: According to the vision test, most riders do turn their heads a little more to compensate for vision lost by wearing a helmet, but not enough to keep their eyes off the road too long. Using a helmet seemed to block a minimal amount, especially compared to the protection a helmet can offer you if you are involved in a Missouri motorcycle accident.

Hearing: The results of the hearing test produced a similar result. The only problem found was if riding at a faster speed, around 50 mph and up, the rider needed a louder signal because due to the wind noise. Although this was noticed, it didn’t seem to diminish the riders hearing enough to endanger his safety.

Many riders are concerned about the impairments a motorcycle helmet can have on their vision and hearing. In my opinion, the extra safety a helmet gives you if you end up in an accident overpowers any minor impairment it may have on you.

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