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08 Mar 2009

Clay Township Motorcycle Accident

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A Michigan biker suffered serious injuries in a Clay Townhsip motorcycle accident.  The motorcyclist was traveling on M-29 when a woman driving a passenger car turned westbound into his lane causing the collision.   Initial police reports indicate the driver failed to yield the right of way to the motorcyclist.  Police are still investigating this accident.

I am sorry to hear that the biker suffered serious injuries.  With the weather warming and more bikers in Michigan set to take to the streets and highways, it is important that motorists and truck drivers obey the rules of the road to protect motorcyclists.  Many drivers simply ignore the rights of bikers and this leads to serious and catastrophic accidents.

Depending on the type of insurance on his motorcycle, the injured biker may be entitled to Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits.  This would pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and other essential benefits.  The insurance laws for motorcycle accidents are very complex so it is important that the injured biker or a family contact an attorney who specializes in Michigan motorcycle accident cases immediately.

The injured biker most likely will also have a claim against the negligent motorist who caused the accident.  This would provide compensation for pain and suffering, disability, and other losses related to the accident.  Again, it is important to contact a lawyer soon after the accident so that a complete and thorough investigation can be performed.

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