Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. makes the Detroit news!

Our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers created the application “Michigan Accident Lawyers – Buckfire & Buckfire” for the Android and iPhone. The Detroit News recently wrote a column featuring the app, and discussing the usefulness of it. It is the very first mobile app to be released by a Michigan motorcycle accident law firm. Some of the features include an.. read more →

In Case Of A Motorcycle Accident: Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Release New iPhone App

Being in a motorcycle accident is a frightening experience.  It is important that accident victims know exactly what to do immediately after an accident.  A new iPhone app from the Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers of Buckfire & Buckfire is there to help.  It is the first mobile app created by a Michigan law firm for accident and injury.. read more →

Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Shares Video – Bike Accidents Are Not Always Caused By The Motorcyclist

Our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers recently viewed a biker video on You Tube that they would like to share with all motor vehicle drivers.  The short video sends a powerful message and depicts the point that motorcycle accidents are not always caused due to the motorcyclist.  Although the public often thinks that bikers are responsible.. read more →

ABATE Members Order Motorcycle Books and Reports

A great number of members of ABATE of Michigan have been requesting our free books and reports.  ABATE is a great organization dedicated to freedom of choice issues for riders and bikers in Michigan.  ABATE members discuss issues regarding motorcycle equipment and the rights of bikers to choose their motorcycles, equipment, and the extent of.. read more →

Michigan Motorcycle Accident Handbook

Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer Daniel Buckfire has just finished his latest publication, “The Ultimate Michigan Motorcycle Accident Handbook.”  This 65-page guide walks you through the different types of benefits that are available to people who have been injured in motorcycle accidents and provides information about buying the proper insurance for your motorcycle. This handbook would.. read more →

Michigan Motorcycle Accidents | Choosing the Best Motorcycle Lawyer

To choose the best lawyer to handle your Michigan motorcycle accident case, you need to find a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accident cases here in Michigan.  The laws regarding motorcycle accidents change almost on a daily basis.  Many attorneys claim to be experts on motorcycle accidents but then they do not even know something as.. read more →

Michigan Road Defects and Potholes

Many bikers in Michigan are seriously injured due to road defects and inadequate maintenance on our streets and highways.  These injuries are often catastrophic or deadly.  Common defects include potholes, raised and cracked pavement and cement, excessive stones and debris in the roadway, and dangerous highway shoulder dropoffs.  Motorcycle accident victims injured by road and highway.. read more →

Flint Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Our Flint motorcycle accident lawyers represent bikers and passengers injured in Flint Motorcycle accidents. As part of any Michigan motorcycle accident case or any Michigan No Fault insurance case, it is necessary to obtain the police traffic accident report. Our firm routinely obtains these for our clients who have been injured in a motorcycle accident. If.. read more →

Surviving A Michigan Motor Cycle Crash

Michigan ranks first among the states in production of motor vehicles and parts. Unfortunately, Michigan is also one of the leaders in terms of growing risk of road accidents and subsequent fatalities. According to 2007 statistics: Of the 10 million people living in Michigan, one out of every 9,291 was killed in a traffic crash… read more →

Your Rights After A Michigan Motorcycle Accident

In Michigan, people hear about motorcycle accidents every day. But if you look at the Michigan motorcycle accident statistics, you will quickly realize why it is so important to follow all safety recommendations. Motorcycles were involved in 1.2 percent of all traffic crashes in Michigan in 2007, but 8.2% of fatal crashes involved a motorcycle.. read more →

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