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Michigan Motorcycle Road Skills Test Locator

To obtain a motorcycle endorsement for your driver’s license, adults must pass a road skills test. Adults may elect to pass an motorcycle rider skills test administered by a third party approved by the Secretary of State. This test will examine basic vehicle control and crash avoidance skills to evaluate a biker’s ability to handle.. read more →

Michigan Motorcycle Training Instructor | Rider Coach Preparation Course

A Rider Coach Preparation Course is combination of classroom and range activity that allows bikers to become motorcycle training instructors.  The Rider Coach Preparation Course is approximately 80 hours spread out over the course of several days or weekends.  There are several Rider Coach Preparation Course locations throughout the state. Rider Coach Preparation Courses teach.. read more →

Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program Coordinator | Contact Information

The Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program is administered by the Department of State under the direction of the Secretary of State.The Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program is a source for information about traffic laws, motorcycle safety news, and other information. Although this website contains virtually all the information you need about registering your motorcycle and obtaining or.. read more →

Michigan Motorcycle Safety Courses

In order to obtain a motorcycle endorsement in Michigan, many people must take and complete an approved motorcycle safety course.This includes people under the age of 18 and drivers over the age of 18 who have failed two motorcycle skills tests. The motorcycle safety courses are offered through the Michigan Secretary of State’s office or.. read more →

Michigan Motorcycle Endorsement | Driving Tests

To obtain a Michigan Motorcycle endorsement, you must register your motorcycle and complete the rest of the requirements for a motorcycle endorsement. The Secretary of State’s office administers a number of driving tests which are required for the motorcycle endorsement. Vision Test You must pass a vision test. This is a typical vision test, which.. read more →

Michigan Motorcycle Registration

Michigan law requires all motorcycles that are operated on public roadways to be registered with the Secretary of State. Motorcycle registration is issued for one year and expires on the owner’s birthday. Registration is a simple process. To register your motorcycle, you will need to: For new registrations, you must show title to your motorcycle.. read more →

Michigan Motorcycle Training Requirements

The State of Michigan has established several requirements that must be met in order to legally drive a motorcycle in Michigan. Michigan’s licensing program is administered by the Secretary of State’s office.There is a fee for issuing the motorcycle endorsement, which can be paid at the Secretary of State’s branch office. The Secretary of State.. read more →

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