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Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Bike Accident Attorney Discusses Michigan’s Motorcycle Helmet Repeal

The State of Michigan is trying to pass a law where it is legal for someone 21 years of age to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Some believe that this law could do more harm than good. Our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers in Michigan do not have an opinion on this issue but would like.. read more →

Michigan Wrongful Death Lawyer Files Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit For Fatal Deer Accident

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Michigan recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the husband and the estate of a 43 year old mother of two. The mother was struck and killed in a car accident. She was a passenger on her husband’s motorcycle when a deer ran into the highway and collided.. read more →

Michigan Motorcycle Lawyer Wins $5,000,000 Award For Injured Biker

Our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers recently obtained a $5,000,000 damages award from a Lenawee County Circuit Court Judge. At a court hearing on December 16, 2011, Lenawee County Circuit Court Judge entered a Judgment in the amount of five Million Dollars ($5,000,000.00) was against the driver of a Jeep that struck and caused catastrophic injuries.. read more →

Lawsuit Filed By Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Michigan recently filed a Wyoming, Michigan motorcycle accident lawsuit for a client in a motorcycle automobile accident. The motorcycle accident occurred on July 26, 2011, on 44th Street. Our client was riding his motorcycle when another driver failed to yield the right of way and turned directly into his path.. read more →

Berrien County Motorcycle-Car Accident

Gene Adam Demorrow and his 6-year-old son were injured in a Berrien County motorcycle-car accident that took place on Red Arrow Highway near Lakeshore Drive. According to police, Demorrow was riding his motorcycle with his son on board when he struck the rear of a vehicle waiting to turn left on Lakeshore Road. Both Demorrow.. read more →

Fatal Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a fatal Southfield motorcycle accident.  We represent the biker’s family in this lawsuit.  The motorcyclist was riding his bike on 12 Mile Road near Franklin Road when a motorist negligently turned in front of his motorcycle and struck him.  He was thrown.. read more →

Passenger Falls Off Bike In Grand Rapids Motorcycle Accident

Our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers are reporting a Grand Rapids motorcycle accident that took place on August 7th. According to police, Jeanine Serba was riding on the back of a motorcycle driven by Daniel Martin on U.S. 131 near Leonard Street when she fell off the back and was struck by a van and killed… read more →

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